Todd Haley Fired As Chief’s Coach & Replaced By Scott Pioli

Todd Haley Fired

It seems that the losses and issues with the Kansas City Chiefs were unrecoverable in the eyes of Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli. Todd Haley was fired from the Chiefs in only the secon in-season firing for the Chiefs in history.

The record for the Chiefs reached 5 wins and 8 losses yesterday when they lost to the New York Jets with a big score loss at 37-10. Penalties were 11 and and only 128 yards were secured during gameplay of yesterdays Sunday game.

While it seems obvious to most sports commentators that Todd Haley might be seeing a pink slip soon there may have actually been a final straw. Mr. Haley earned the chiefs a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Could that have been the straw that broke the camels back?

Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said in a press statement that was sent out before the actual interview, “This was a difficult decision but one that we feel is best for the future of the Chiefs. Although there have been bright spots at different points this season, we have not made meaningful progress and we felt that it was necessary to make a change. We appreciate Todd’s contributions during his time with the club, and we wish him well in the future.”

The new coach is the Chiefs defensive coordinator that was working under Todd Haley. Romeo Crennel is the temporary coach and was previously the Browns head coach. Some of these decisions were made from Scott Pioli’s influence. Mr. Pioli revealed his blueprint for Chief’s success is modeled after the Steelers. Now it remains to be seen whether they can muster any success, blueprint or not.

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