Predator Drones Used by Local Police & Domestic Law Enforcement For Spying

Predator Drone MQ-9 Reaper

Credit: - Predator Drone MQ-9 Reaper

Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag, or at least the Predator Drones are in domestic law enforcement. Police in North Dakota called in the troops and an Air Force Predator Drone MQ-9 Reaper to assist in survelliance of a farm that six cows had strayed onto.

The farm was owned by Rodney Brossart and Susan Brossart. The family had eight adult children living on their farm. It was reported by the Nelson County Sheriff department that the family was known for being armed, dangerous and apparently anti-government. This time for the Brossart family their crime was not reporting stray cattle wandering onto their farm.Rodney Brossart Predator Drone

The Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke went onto the Brossart farm with a search warrant in hand to confiscate the cattle. Three of Rodney Brossart’s sons approached the Sheriff and were armed with guns. The sheriff left the farm and called in the big guns after that run in.

A $154 million dollar MQ-9 Predator B drone was brought in from Grand Forks Air Force Base where its primary duty was to patrol the US-Canada border. The operation is run the US Department Homeland Security and it has been said that these types of operations have become more common in sharing drones with local law enforcement.

The Predator drone monitored the situation on the ground at the Brossart family farm for nearly 16 hours in a standoff according to the The officers watched thermal images from surveillance vans to wait until everyone on the farm had put down their weapons and the entire collection of State Highway Patrol, regional SWAT team, bomb squad, deputy sheriffs and ambulance stormed the farm and made the arrests.

AFter a thorough searching of the farm they found two shotguns, two rifles, a samurai sword and assorted bows as was reported by the Los Angeles Times. The whole family wasn’t arrested but five of them were with the daughter Abby, Brother Alex, the two armed brothers Thomas and Jacob and their father Rodney Brossart.

The Los Angeles Times did in depth reporting and analysis on how this Predator Drone spying in America has come about. It has been said that it really isn’t all that uncommon and that the government has just been mum on letting citizens know they’re being spied on. A retired Airforce general who oversees the Drones named Michael C. Kostelnik replied in an interview in the Los Angeles Times, “in many areas around the country, not only for federal operators, but also for state and local law enforcement and emergency responders in times of crisis.”

Two lessons of the day? Don’t let stray cows come onto your property or you might find drones spying on you. Drones are spying on America and you can’t do anything about it because the courts say anything you do out in the open can be lawfully watched by aerial surveillance.
Stray Cows Predator Drone

4 Comments on "Predator Drones Used by Local Police & Domestic Law Enforcement For Spying"

  1. There are Thousands of Government Drones of all shapes, and disguises flying over America Spying on “We the People” inside our very Homes.

    These Disguised Drones look like Airliners, Fed Ex, U.P.S., ect, ect.
    They are Disguised because our Government knows what they are doing is Perverted, and Wrong.

    The Militarys top thermal Imaging is being used on us!

    Just like the Drone that looked right through the roof of a life boat so the Navy could shoot a Pirate inside holding hostages.

    If only they would restrict the use to good, not Trashing the U.S. Constitution like they are all over America.

    I can say this because I have years of video of these Drones clearly showing their disgusting disguises.

    Hundreds of Billions of our Hard Earned Tax Dollars are being Squandered to watch us inside our bedrooms, Bathrooms ect.

    These Programs and the Perverts in them are Sick.

    To: Liberty.

  2. A coworker of mine told me that he has seen what sure looked like a drone in the sky over downtown D.C.

  3. There are hundreds of disguised drones flying over Maricopa County Arizona, it is my belief that Sheriff Arpaio has used them to spy on Political adversaries, and to help himself stay in office.

    Macricopa County Supervisor Don Staply while beeing harassed by Sheriff Arpaio spent ten thousand dollars to have his Phoenix Office swept for bugs.

    It wasn’t bugs, this is “Old School” and Obsolete to the dirty Drone Technology being used.

    The U.S. Constitution has been Trashed , but at least it has been Trashed “Covertly”, I geuss that makes it alright?

    “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”?

  4. I have been harassed by disguised Government Drones for eight years, they do not look like the Predator, they are disguised to look like Phony Airliners, Fed Ex, U.P.S. , and smaller private propellor aircrafts.

    These gutless Peeping Tom Perverts have hovered drones outside my Home watching my Family and I on our toilets, in the Shower, in Bed, ect. they are using the military’s top infra red veiwing, and Laser listening devices, some drones have twin engines that articulate and allow them to hover above you.

    These “Tyrants” are Trashing the U.S. Constitution, and our Founding Fathers would line them all up in front of a firing Squad where they belong!

    “We the People ” are all suspects, you no longer need a Court of Law.

    Trillions of Hard Earned Tax Dollars have been Squandered to Spy on our selves!

    These are “Tyrant” by every definition of the word!

    Scincerely :
    David Nichols


    I have begged them for years to face me, and that I have a front door, not just a bathroom window!

    Until then I tell them “I will leave the bathroom light on for these disgusting Government Perverts, and Cowards.”

    To: Liberty.

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