Cookie Dough Batter E coli Problems Caused By Flour, Not Raw Eggs Says CDC

Nestle Ready to Cook Raw Cookie DoughBack in 2009 there was a major breakout of food related illnesses that ended up getting a total of 77 people in 30 states sick from cookie dough. There were 35 of the 77 people that had to be taken to the hospital from their cookie dough sickness and were hospitalized.

The CDC had to investigate the situation and toured the manufacturing plants that the ready to cook cookie dough was made. The E coli bacteria was found in samples of cookie dough batter and the investigation had to continue to find out what the source was.

We all have heard the common problems with eating raw eggs and making sure you cook your eggs so that you don’t get sick from the deadly E coli bacteria. What was figured out by researchers at the CDC is that one of the ingredients that had the most potential for making you sick was the flour in the ingredients.E Coli Raw Cookie Dough

All ingredients in cookie dough have to go through a specific germ killing process which include baking soda, sugar, molasses, margarine and pasteurized eggs. The one ingredient that doesn’t go through this process is the flour. While the CDC can’t confirm it was specifically the flour in the ingredients that caused this massive E coli outbreak, this certainly is the most suspicious ingredient.

It’s confusing to try and understand why the cookie dough that you love to eat in ice cream is okay for you. The truth is, that type of cookie dough was made so that you could eat it raw right out of the box. Unfortunately cookie dough that is ready for consumers to cook in their ovens is not safe enough to eat.

The CDC has strongly recommended to Cookie Dough manufacturers that they make their raw cookie dough ready to cook products safe to eat as they are. The CDC is aware that a high percentage of American’s love eating raw cookie dough and the only way to solve the problem is to get it at the source. To cook safe this Christmas season visit sites like to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be healthy, safe and clean for yourself and your family.


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