Mario Kart 7 Released For Christmas Rush

Mario Kart 7 3DSOne of the most successful video game franchises for Ninendo is the Mario Kart blockbuster that has been on every Nintendo system since the Super NES. The Ninendo 3DS is the next system to get it’s own version of Mario Kart with the Mario Kart 7 release for the December Christmas rush.

You won’t find an incredibly different experience racing around in the game with Mario, Yoshi, Toad, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Bowser or Koopa Troopa. The game is the type of gameplay you have come to expect with previous Mario Kart released by Nintendo.

The one things that will make you drop your jaw is the obvious feature of the Nintendo 3DS letting you experience Mario Kart in 3D. There is something more exciting about playing the Mario Kart game with 3-D graphics as you race around the tracks and launch weapons.

Customizing is a great option in Mario Kart 7 with you being able to add your own Mii character into the game and also customize your Kart. By customizing your kart you can adjust the acceleration, weight, speed and off-road abilites during gameplay. Each time you change your glider type, wheels or kart frame you get a kart that has different responses that can change the way you race.

The glider option is something that will be new to anyone familiar with other Mario Karts as its one of the new options released exclusively for Mario Kart 7. You have the ability take your kart into the air and fly through your race course at different “fly friendly” points in the racetrack. You can also go under water and use your propeller to make it through the water sections of the racetracks.

While the changes aren’t dramatic for the Mario Kart franchise the new Mario Kart 7 is sure to be a Christmas hit with the added touch of new experiences. For 3D excitement and on the go mobile Mario Karting this game will be a hit for kids and a adults that have grown to love the Mario Kart franchise.

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