Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife, Linda Bollea for Defamation

Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-WifeHulk Hogan is suing his ex-wife, Linda Bollea for defamation and lying about him in her autobiography and in interviews promoting the book. The lawsuit comes two weeks after she received more than 70 percent of the liquid assets in the recent divorce settlement. The 18-page lawsuit filed against Linda Bollea claims she wrote “Wrestling the Hulk — My Life Against the Ropes” to help her career get revived.

In Linda Bollea’s autobiography she wrote Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, abused her physically and mentally during their marriage. She also included that he drug her by her hair and clothes as well as choking her. In a interview she alleged Hogan having a homosexual relationship with a fellow wrestler.

In June Linda Bollea told Fox News, “It scared me that he might just snap, not realize what he’s doing. He is just so strong. I thought he could kill me. He had his hands around my neck one time on the bed, and he started squeezing my throat. He just went into this trance, and I was looking at him and saying, ‘Terry, stop, stop. I can’t breathe.'”

Hulk Hogan denies these claims and is demanding a jury trail saying that this has hurt his reputation and wants her comments to stop. Hogan is requesting the book which is published by HarperCollins, to be removed from sale.

Hulk Hogan’s attorney, Wil Florin said, “He’s being accused of all sorts of vile conduct that he did not commit. Miss Bollea’s made enough of these outrageous allegations that it’s time they stop. The only realistic way of making them stop is through the court system.”

The Hulk Hogan divorce settlement was reported that Linda Bollea filed for divorce in 2009. That Linda Bollea will receive $7.44 million of the couple’s $10.41 million that was held in bank and investment accounts. Terry Bollea will not pay his ex-wife alimony. He agreed to give his ex-wife 40 percent ownership in his various companies and pay her an additional $3 million property settlement.


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  1. um, if he were choking you… you wouldn’t be able to breathe, let alone speak the words, “Terry, stop, stop. I can’t breathe.”

    you lie…

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