Trampoline Blows Down Road By Hurricane Force Winds In Scotland

Trampoline Hurricane ScotlandA person living in Fife, Scotland was in his home experiencing the hurricane-force winds while filming out his window when a large trampoline blew down the street, rolling end over end. The footage was filmed by Conor Guichan and was uploaded by another person on YouTube.

The is providing live updates on the hurricane-force storm that is battering Scotland and the UK. In fact, while the Courier is covering the serious parts of this dangerous freezing storm that is blowing everything to bits, they have also found another version of the famous Hurricane Trampoline that is a mixed version. We’ll provide both of them below for your viewing pleasure.

Over at they predicted that gusts of wind could reach up to 130mph (210kph) on the mountains in the western Highlands. The parts that were to be most effected by this powerful severe storm were central Tayside, Fife, and Strathclyde as the storm was predicted to move across northern Scotland and head towards Norway and Sweden.

The winds are far from warm with temperatures expected to reach -1C and provide wind chills that coudl be dangerous. The MWIS warned that, “In afternoon, most likely in the southern Highlands, you could be blown over even at low level. Any mobility will be tortuous where exposed from low level upwards. There will be a severe wind chill.”

As cold and windy it is, people were lucky enough to catch this windy trampoline taking it’s own path through Scotland. It’s not every day that a trampoline just takes a trip down the road when you’re filming live. Congrats to Mr. Guichan who caught this trampoline with a mind of it’s own.

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