Samsung Wins Dispute Over Sales in US for Galaxy Tab 2 Against Apple

Apple Samsung LawsuitAre the ongoing lawsuits between Apple and Samsung about who gets to have the better tablet and Smartphone on the market? Or is it that Apple is upset that Samsung is infringing on design patents of theirs when in their creation of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The famous touch screen technology is what is causing the entire ruckus.

But regardless of the reason for the battle, this particular round was won by Samsung, as the judge rules against the proposed ban that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) tried to get placed against them. This ban would have prevented sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.

With more than 20 lawsuits between the two electronics giants, they are tangled up in a battle that includes over 10 countries, including Japan, France, Italy, and Germany. The battle between them is about the technologies that can be used in Smartphone’s and tablets, and who is being accused of copying whom. Or maybe it is just about good old fashioned competition that can keep their competitors’ products off the shelves during the most important shopping time of the year.

Apple has successfully had the sales of the Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II and Ace Smartphone’s temporarily banned in over 30 European countries and isn’t showing any signs of slowing its fight. Germany has a preliminary sales ban on the new Galaxy 10.1 and in answer to this; Samsung designed an updated version of the Galaxy 10.1, and re-released the new Galaxy 10.1N for sale in Germany. Apple’s answer was to request a ban of THAT version as well making many question if this is really about patent infringements.

Being allowed to sell in the U.S. is a major battle to win for Samsung, seeing as the United States is Samsung’s biggest market. Shares rose in Samsung’s favor as this U.S sales battle was won following the ruling in the Australian courts stating that they could sell the Galaxy in that area as well. There is no doubt that had the ban stuck, preventing Samsung from selling in the U.S., it would have hit Samsung’s sales hard.

Despite the success, Samsung isn’t in the clear. Amazon Kindle Fire
is hot and sales are beating both Samsung and Apple. The Kindle Fire is half the price of the other two companies’ products and consumers are showing their interest by coming in droves to buy. The Kindle Fire has been the best seller on Amazon for the last 8 weeks running.

Even though the ruling was in Samsung’s favor, a positive effect won’t really be expected any time soon since Apple could appeal and more than likely will. The battle between these two companies will wage on until a ruling is reached regarding the design patents, and possibly even longer.

Ironically, despite all these constant attempts and effort Apple is putting into stopping Samsung Galaxy sales at every turn, they continue to be called one of Samsung’s biggest customers by Samsung itself. The A5 chip that is in the Iphone 4s AND the I Pad 2 is made by…. Yes, you guessed it… Samsung.

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