Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant with a Boy or Girl

Jessica Simpson Baby BumpIs Jessica Simpson pregnant with a boy or a girl? Jessica Simpson thinks it’s a girl while her fiancé Eric Johnson thinks they are having a boy. They will find out the gender of the baby on Monday.

While in New York for the launch of the clothing line Jessica, 31 years old, and her sister, Ashlee Simpson created, Jessica Simpson has told People Magazine that “”I think it’s a girl, But I don’t know yet.” She also joked about if the baby is a boy, she’ll put tutus on him.

Meanwhile, over at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York was Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson, 32 years old, and her mother, Tina Simpson. Johnson told People, “I think it’s a boy. We’re pretty much at a standstill there.” He added, “I don’t think we can wait. Jessica is too honest about everything, she needs to know. I don’t think she can hold that secret to herself.”Jessica Simpson Pregnant 2010

Jessica Simpson told US Weekly about the best part of being pregnant, “Knowing that Eric and I created something inside of me. We love each other so much, and knowing that I love this baby inside of me is so amazing.” She added about needing to know the gender of the baby, “I like to plan things out. It’ll be good to know what colors to make the nursery. I’m obsessed with thinking about what it’s going to look like.”

The couple plans to keep the names they have chosen quiet. Simpson told USMagazine, “I’m so excited. We have a couple names picked out for if it’s a boy or a girl, but we’re going to keep that private.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson starting dating in May 2010 and were engaged November 14, 2010. He is a former NFL player that played for the San Francisco 49ers and for the New Orleans Saints. The couple announced their pregnancy in October.

Jessica Simpson first pregnancy interview with Access Hollywood:

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