Frosty the Snowman Mask & Candy Cane Makes Residents Call 911

Frosty The Snowman Mask

Credit: local coverage

Yes, you read that right, apparently Frosty the Snowman was terrorizing residents by running around spreading good cheer with a blow up Frosty Mask. Truthfully it seems like the man dressed up as Frosty was just trying to be playful and spread the Christmas spirit. Nevertheless, that Christmas season spirit was killed off pretty quick when neighbors and residents started calling the cops.

A man in Vanceboro, North Carolina in Craven County was wearing a Frosty the Snowman mask and knocking on windows and waving to people in his town. The Associated Press mentioned one tobacco shop owner that though he was being robbed when Frosty knocked on the shop window. When the store worker saw the 4 foot candy cane he realized it probably wasn’t a robbery but a misguided moment of Christmas spirit.

According to the original report from wcti12 there were a total of four 911 calls and a report of Frosty scaring one young girl. Police have decided they needed to solve crimes and important things instead of track down who Frosty was. The reporting of News Channel wcti12 revealed the man was Jeffery Acker and found all that Mr. Acker had to say was, “Christmas is a everything to me. I love it. It was never an intention to be scary.” To read the rest of the story and the comments from locals check out the story at

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