5 Reasons Why Online Business Owners Should Pay Attention to UX


Online Business OwnerHow do people feel when they visit your website, use your software or interact with your online business in another form? As an online business owner, you can’t honestly answer that question yourself for two reasons; you’re not the user and even if you do use your own software and visit your own website, your feelings are going to be a tad bit biased. The bigger question is: Why should you focus on the user’s feelings?

As an online business owner, you need to focus on feelings due to UX (user experience). Unfortunately, this area is often overlooked or ignored in the online business world because so much emphasis is placed on search engine optimization and marketing. While SEO and marketing strategies help funnel users to your website, they don’t keep them there or leave them with a lasting impression.

UX involves human emotion, specifically how a person feels when they interact with something. It’s not just limited to technology but when an online business is in the mix, UX relates to how a person feels when they interact with your website, your software and your online services. Have you ever wondered why Internet marketers use the color green so much? Green isn’t the favorite color of every Internet marketer, even though it might seem that way. Green is used by online marketers because it’s the color that makes people think about money and wealth. UX goes way beyond website color choice but you can easily see how it relates to human emotion.

In a perfect world, every single person who visits your website or interacts with your business online would be in the same state of mind. Each visitor would be in the same mood, have the same level of intelligence and they’d enter into the interaction with the same expectations. As we all know, it’s not a perfect world and every person who interacts with your business online is going to be different from the next person. It’s for this exact reason why online business owners need to pay attention to UX.

Not convinced that user experience should be the focus of your online business right now? Here are 5 more reasons why online businesses should pay attention to UX:

Online Business UX

  1. Your website or any online platforms that you use are the face of your business and it only takes a split second to make a good (or bad) first impression.
  2. Negative human emotions stay with a person longer than positive emotions. If a user has a bad experience, not only will they remember it for a long time but they’re more likely to talk about their negative experience to others.
  3. A good experience will create brand loyalty.
  4. A positive user experience helps form the bond of trust.
  5. If your online business focuses on UX, it shows those who interact with your company that you care about them; a feeling that people are often left without these days.
It’s important to remember that you’re not going to be able to please every single person who comes across your business online. While it’d be nice to do so, each person is different, therefore even if you please the majority, there are still going to be a few users who don’t jive with how you do business. What you can do however is involve users by asking for feedback so that you have an inkling of what type of experience your audience is looking for. As they always say, the customer knows best and with UX, it’s the customer who’s going to know what experience they’re looking for.

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