Missy Elliott Is Not Dead, She Confirms By Twitter, Calls Stories Rumors

Missy Elliot Not DeadFans everywhere were thankful for Twitter when it came to dispelling rumors that surfaced over the weekend, reportedly from a fake news site, stating their beloved Missy Elliott was dead. Fans everywhere were just wanting answers and the questions were flying all over the internet. So if you are wondering is Missy Elliot dead? We can assure you she’s not, and SHE’S assuring everyone she’s not as well.

Thanks to the energetic and friendly celebrity herself tweeting through all the falsely spread rumors, fans were able to take a deep breath and relax. Here is one such tweet by the famous hip hop star, reassuring everyone that she was alive and well: “@MissyElliott: I’m done addressing the foolishness! IM ALIVE! God will deal with those who play about things like that!”

Sadly, reports of fake deaths of many celebrities are not uncommon and for the last three years, these reports oftentimes seem to be spawned on Sundays. Ironically, Missy was fighting rumors of her death the same day Akon was, who was also reported dead November 20. This week has been the week for these false reports, with the same source that stated Missy Elliot is dead, also claiming Omarion, Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith dead.

The popular hip hop star doesn’t seem to be fazed by the cruel rumors and is more than ready to pull out all the stops and continue doing what she’s always done…bring lots of joy to her fans through her amazing music. She has responded to everyone’s well wishes and tweets stating they were glad she was ok. Here is another response: “@MissyElliott: yep and they will be more mad when I drop these hawt records lol #caseclosed!”

Earlier this year, Missy revealed that she was suffering from an autoimmune disorder called Graves Disease, but this hasn’t slowed her down at all. She is ready to release her seventh studio album Block Party and shows no signs of being ready to slow down. If anything, it looks like the weekend’s foolish rumors have just lit her fire even more.

It is not yet known why these types of rumors get spread, seeing as there are plenty of ways now for the stars to dispel these rumors as fast as they surface, but why does anyone do terrible things like this? Attention and to disrupt things more than likely.

Missy Elliot said it well when she told her fans to not let negativity impact their lives and to surround themselves with people who inspire and motivate them. She herself is an inspiration to thousands, now more than ever, with the celebrity’s public acknowledgment of her illness showing her fans everywhere that you can do whatever you put your mind to.
So if you’re wanting to know if Missy Elliot is dead, have NO worries… she is more alive than ever and ready to take on the world.

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