Fix-A-Flat Butt, Cement, Mineral Oil, Super Glue: Butt Enhancement Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Fix a Flat Butt Plastic SurgeryIn a society that still is very appearance conscious it is sad that people can be so desperate as to throw common sense and safety out the window to achieve their version of the perfect body. In Miami Gardens, a woman allowed herself to be injected with a toxic combination of fix-a-flat, cement, mineral oil and super glue in hopes of gaining the rear end of her dreams. But instead what she gained was massive medical bills, illness and almost death.

What made the whole situation worse was the length of time she waited to get proper treatment because she was embarrassed at what she had done, and also afraid that she would be accused of some kind of wrong doing.

Oneal Ron Morris, a transgendered, self proclaimed doctor, charged the victim $700 for a series of injections that were promised to give the 30 year old victim the rear end she was wanting. The procedure was done in a residential home in Miami Gardens and caused the victim so much agony, she stopped Morris before it was over.

Within hours of leaving Morris, she was in excruciating pain and headed to the hospital to try and get treatment without having to reveal the real cause of her condition. She left before diagnosis and treatment were finished at two different hospitals. While she has since revealed the real cause of her condition and is getting home health treatment, she remains in ill health, unable to work and with medical bills piling up.

It took almost a year before Florida investigators were able to piece together what had happened and track down the fake “doctor”. Detective Michael Dillon, of Miami Gardens believes that there are others who have suffered at the hands of this fake, but, like the victim in this case, are too embarrassed to come forward. The victim, whose name has not been released due to medical privacy laws, says that she was recommended to Morris by what Dillon is calling the friend of a friend.

Morris is facing charges of practicing without a license and causing great bodily harm, which is a second-degree felony. Morris’ appearance was shocking to the 12 year veteran detective, with bee stung looking lips, super arched eyebrows, and an enormous bottom and he said that it was unclear as to whether Morris is a victim of her own “cocktail”. Dillon inherited this case from another detective who had been assigned to it over a year ago. Morris has been released on bond and no mention of an attorney has been forthcoming as of yet.

One thing, that people who are seeking to change their bodies need to always remember, is that medical procedures are not performed by doctors in private homes, hotels, warehouses, or anywhere else that is not a medically approved facility. If you’re looking to get enhancements, then use your common sense and no matter how desperate the desire to change your body is, don’t let it replace safety and sensibility. And as in the case of 20 year old British woman Claudia Aderotimi, who died from complications caused by a cosmetic buttocks injection that was administered in a Philadelphia hotel room, the costs could be fatal.

If you think you want to enhance your butt, don’t use a Fix-a-flat plastic surgery method. These options are crazy and completely made up by people that have no clue what they are doing. Please see a doctor if you want to enhance any part of your body!

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  1. If you want to enhance your butt ladies, hit the gym! Squat, deadlift, glute bridge, hip thrust these will give you an amazing ass. An earned muscular a$$ is way sexier than a synthetic one implanted by a surgeon!

  2. Why would you let anyone who looks like that do anything to you?

  3. Smdh. Idiots . You get what you pay for. Go to a doctor who spent hard earned money going through years of med school and took the time to complete and get q licence instead of the cheaper black market way with people learning how to inject via YouTube and the health chann. Sure it’s cheaper, but your basically paying them to kill you. So much for cheap death.

  4. Well she needs an enhancement on her brain first.

  5. OMG! this is horrible. the world is definitely coming to an end soon

  6. If you think you want to enhance your butt, don’t use a Fix-a-flat plastic surgery method.


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