Android Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Hacked By Photo

Android Ice Cream SandwichEveryone is pretty excited about Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 for HTC Phones that is to be released in 2012. We wrote about the release not too long ago in a post here. There is a feature that is in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich release that everyone has found amazing. The new Face Unlock feature in Ice Cream Sandwich has been talked about and touted as a sought after technology.

Soya Cincau has revealed how to easily hack the face unlock technology in all Android Ice Cream Sandwich installs. Mr. Cincau demonstrates it through a YouTube video how to hack face unlock by using a photo of the persons face that is stored as the owner of the phone. The specific phone that Mr. Cincau did this on was the Galaxy Nexus.

Soya CincauTo everyone’s surprise a tech enthusiast named Soya CincauThere have been a lot of questions about the Face Unlock hack and how it’s actually working. In fact, some people on Twitter accused Mr. Cincau of faking the test to recongize his picture by storing his picture as his face. The replies Soya Cincau revealed on the video are below:

“UPDATE: Just to clarify, the Galaxy Nexus in the video was setup to recognise my real face and not the picture taken using the Galaxy Note. See video link for more info. Apologies for the confusion.

We received a question via Twitter asking if a printed photo can fool the Face Unlock to falsely recognise it as a real face and unlock the device.

So we tested it out. You’ll be surprised as to what happened.”

In Mr. Cincau’s Update Number two he talks about other news sites featuring his hacking of the face unlock for Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

“UPDATE 2: We’re featured on TheNextWeb and Phandroid! Yet the question still arises on whether I had set up the device to recognise my face or a pciture of my face to do this demo.

While some of you think that it is a trick and I had set the Galaxy Nexus up to recognise the picture, I assure you that the device was set up to recognise my face. I have a few people there watching me do the video and if any one of them is watching this video I hope you can confirm that this test is 100% legit.

I would love to do this test again but I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus, it is VERY hard to come by as it is not launched yet, but I urge anyone with a Galaxy Nexus to do the same test. Program the device to recognise YOUR FACE and then try to trick the same device with a similar looking picture, it will work. If anyone does do this test, please tell me so I can link it in this video. Once again people, I know it’s just my words right now but this claim is LEGIT.”

On Update number three it’s confirmed that someone else has actually confirmed and duplicated the test of using a photo to hack the face unlock. Hacking the Face Unlock can also be done by using a printed picture of someones face as proven in the final video.

“UPDATE 3: Someone has managed to repeat the same test with similar set up. A Galaxy Nexus was first set up using his face and then repeated with a digital picture of his face on a Galaxy Note. As expected, he was able to unlock with his photo.”

What you’ve learned from all of this is that if you want to hack into someones phone that is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and they’re using Face Unlock you just need a picture of them and you’ll be good to go. Don’t try this at home, unless you want to really hack into someones phone!

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