Shots Fired at FedEx Ground Building in Bedford Park, Gunman Takes His Own Life

FedEx Ground Bedford ParkA former employee of FedEx in Bedford Park ran into the building this morning and opened fire numerous times before turning the gun on himself and taking his life. Several 911 calls were received about gun shots being fired in the FedEx Ground building located at 5151 W. 73rd Street. Bedford Park Police surrounded that building while officers were able to help escort workers out of the building.

An employee at a firm that shares a parking lot and where several FedEx employees took refuge said, “He came in wielding a gun. He got into a vehicle and started firing. People were trying to hide under other vehicles, they were running outside, they were taking cover. He just kept firing. They just said it was crazy. We locked our doors and stayed away from the windows.”

Michael Shannon who is a FedEx driver said he pulled into the terminal at about 8:15 a.m. and was told by employees running outside that someone was inside the building shooting. He then said that he jumped back into his truck and while he was trying to lock the doors, the former employee jumped into the truck and pulled the gun. Shannon said the gunman asked for his keys and then told Shannon to get out. He then ran for cover.

SWAT Team got into the building about an hour later and found the gunman had taken his own life. Police say they think it was a “domestic situation” but they didn’t entail anymore about the shooting situation.

The former employees name is being withheld until family gets notification. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office could not immediately confirm the fatality.

Police reported no injuries to workers.

A nearby school, St. Laurence also went into lock down as a caution measure.

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