Penn State and Pabst Blue Ribbon Get Joked About on South Park

Pabst Blue Ribbon South Park

South Park is known for stepping over the lines and make the news a laughing matter. Last night’s episode of South Park Season 15 finale, it picked fun at the Penn State scandal. It was about Kenny and his siblings being taken from their White Trash parents and being put into foster care. Although, their social worker was taking shots at Penn State.

One line from the South Park Episode last night was when the kids were in the office of the social worker and he said, “Now, I’ve been looking over your file, and I see you kids have all been horribly, physically and emotionally abused. … Oh whoops, that isn’t your case file, it’s the Penn State University Gazette! – You’re going to be put into a foster home, so I need to know: Would you like to go to Neverland Ranch, a Catholic church, or Penn State University? A Penn State administrator walks into a bar. Where’s that smile? How ’bout this one. Joe Paterno doesn’t walk into a police station. Come on, that’s a good one.”

We’ve seen South Park take on some major stories and turn them into a comedy session, this one was no different than the rest. For some examples, Osama Bin Laden, Jersey Shore, Occupy Wall Street, Michael Jackson, The Royal Wedding, Steve Jobs and so on. South Park made fun of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer last night as well. Starting the show off with a commercial in the White Trash home, “Pabst Blue Ribbon and white trash. It’s a deadly combination that can lead to prison time and children being taken away from their homes.”

South Park Penn StateDuring one point of South Parks show the Social Worker discovers a torture chamber in the foster home and says, “What have I done? I took you kids from your parents without even checking into where you’re going. I put innocent children in a dangerous environment. What am I, a recruitment coach at Penn State?”

South Park even threw in some old “yo mama is so poor” jokes. The show is meant to be tasteless on purpose and isn’t made to be taken seriously.  If you missed last nights South Park Season 15 “The Poor Kid” episode you can watch it here:

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