Graphic Design Schools, Careers & Industry Info Announced as a One Stop Shop

Graphic Design SchoolsWe live in a world driven by the colors and imagery reflected around us and powered by the technology at our fingertips. It is so important, in this day and age, for everyone from small businesses to multinational corporations to have a strong visual presence, and that need is driving a strong demand for graphic designers who can marry artistic aesthetics with effective commercial strategies.

Building off of this growing arena comes the launch of a brand-new website: With frequently asked questions, informative articles on the industry, details on graphic design schools and programs and ways to get started in the field, and outstanding featured designs from around the Web, is a one-stop shop for those interested in pursuing graphic design. No matter where at someone is in their Graphic Design career this new website meets the need by touching on every part of the process.

Instead of piecing together information from a variety of different places, aspiring graphic designers can get all of the answers they need from one comprehensive resource. Current graphic designers can use the articles to keep abreast of developments and the designs section for inspiration. Graphic design portfolios are featured on the site regularly to allow people to look at the work of successful & good work in the graphic design industry.

Plans are in development to continuously roll out new information and content, so it will be a graphic design resource to keep an close eye on for the future.


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