Apple iPhone 5 Release Was Canceled Says Tech Insider

Apple iPhone 5 Release CanceledEveryone was biting their nails and full of excitement went Apple was ready to announce their new product line and talk about potentially launching a new version of the iPhone. Everyone was ready for the iPhone 5 and would have lined up to buy one. The Apple iPhone 5 release was canceled just a few months before the actual release of the iPhone 4S.

A tech industry insider was interviewed by one of the best technology scoop finding publications out there, Business Insider. The story is still a bit of a rumor mill but this person has been credible in the past and provided insider knowledge. So if the iPhone 5 was canceled before it’s launch, who canceled it? It’s been suggested that it was a call by Steve Jobs to postpone the iPhone 5 release. Apple employee rumors state that Steve Jobs could have been unhappy with how the prototype of iPhone 5 had a bigger screen and it paired it up against the tablet leader, the iPad.

The truth is no one really can verifty why the iPhone 5 release date was postponed but the more interesting dirt on this whole issue is what could have been. What could you have been playing with in your iPhone 5 with features that the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S don’t carry?

The things that your iPhone 4S doesn’t have but your iPhone 5 probably would have had were things like a larger screen that was 4 inches diagonally. The screen was to be bigger but it also is rumored that it would have had better colors and better quality. Liquid metal was supposed to be part of the iPhone 5 production line so that the iPhone would have different colors, skin deep, no matter how much it was scratched. The backs of the iPhone 5 were suppose to have aluminum backs that resembled the iPad 2. The familiar home button on iPhones for the iPhone 5 wasn’t physical and could reboot the phone. Just like every evolution of sexy Apple devices the iPhone 5 was to be slimmer and flatter. A thinner iPhone 5 was going to be the new trend but in fact, you got that fat iPhone 4S.

We have to be completely honest, the Business Insider did a great job of scooping this story but it’s just a rumor for now. The industry insider has rarely ever produced information that wasn’t true and he talks of testing and using an actual prototype. The most important thing to take from all of these potentials for a failed iPhone 5 release is that you can expect the next version of iPhone to have these attributes. People will be behind the new tech trends as soon as the iPhone 5 hits the market and already new iPhone 5 release dates and being rumored on the streets.

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