Vodka Tampons & Butt Chugging Growing Trend With Teenagers

Vodka Tampons


Yes, you heard that right and your imagination has probably already figured out what is going on here. This bizarre way to get high or drunk isn’t brand new but has been revisited after a news station in Phoenix Arizona covered this new trend is a local hit. The news station, KPHO is on CBS and did a feature video on the new teen trend that includes vodka soaked tampons and beer bongs with liquor instead of beer used straight in the butt.

The vodka tampons are prepared by teens ahead of time and used like the common jello shot. Instead of passing around flavored jello shots everyone gets a shot of vodka in a soaked tampon. Each super absorbing tampon holds an entire shot of vodka. When the tampon is inserted in the vagina it is rapidly absorbed into the system and provides a stronger and quicker intoxication than any normal shot of vodka. The boys aren’t left out in this tricky party manevuer, they just take the vodka soaked tampons and insert them rectally for their fast drunk.

Doctors and police have warned this isn’t just fun and games for your next party however, there are risks involved with these methods. In the CBS report they interviewed a doctor named Dan Quan who stated, “It can cause mucosal irritation, meaning the vaginal wall can be irritated.” We are assuming this same irritation can be an issue in anyone’s rectum as well. In addition these health issues there is no barrier or protection from people getting alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning is much easier to get from alcohol tampons because there is no gag reflex or way for your body to throw up the alcohol you may have over consumed. Alcohol poisoning can lead to death very quickly and is dangerous for your brain, heart and liver. Alcohol soaked tampons are the quickest way to alcohol poisoning because it removes all of your bodies natural defenses.

If this new teenage alcohol binge drinking trend has you scratching your head this isn’t the end of it. Teens are also now using beer bongs in a new way that is called butt chugging. Butt chugging is usually absent of beer and is replaced by shots of liqour straight into the beer bong. The beer bong is inserted in the rectum and absorbed instantly in the colon of the individual. Butt chugging is also a major culprit of alochol poisoning because it eliminates the bodies ability to vomit up the alcohol as well.

Butt chugging was featured on Spike TV’s 1000 Ways to Die on Episode 5 as well. The trendy alcoholic cocktail was called an alcohol enema on this show. The story went that an alcoholic that had just had surgery on his throat was dying for a drink. After the alcoholic begged his wife enough she went into the bathroom and filled the end of an emema bag while the man stood in the shower and had is emema of Sherry straight in his you know what. The man laid down happy as a drunk could be and never woke up again by bypassing his digestive track and getting drunk really quick but getting alcohol poisoning quicker then ever.

Bottom line: Don’t try this at home kids, it’s a deadly way to get a drunk. Whether it’s butt chugging, alcohol enema’s or vodka tampons you’re asking for death, not a good buzz.

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  1. i’ve seen this subject on several news sites during the past few days, and comments underneath suggest this is just an urban legend gone amuck. check with snopes. where are the documented cases? enough already. check your facts.

  2. Mr Turner may be right about the specific photo being farcical, but the practice of alcoholic-beverage enemas is no urban myth. I recognized the staged character of the photo not because I have seen it before, but because of the campy grin combined with an act that would be kept secret (no teen will publicly admit to engaging in anal shenanigans like that). However, medical literature is rife with case studies involving alcohol (and other unlikely psychoactive drugs such as caffeine and crystal meth) being administered per rectum. The danger is that the receiver may absorb a too-strong dose too quickly. This has led to alcohol-poisoning deaths.

  3. Erik, please learn to spell. It’s body’s, not bodies.

  4. Better ban tampons and alcohol since teenagers are abusing them.

  5. Your writing is lousy. You misuse “as well”.

  6. Mr, Crider: What are the exact figures for Orlando for teens suffering from alcohol poisoning being treated in hospitals today as compared to previous years?
    Others: Can anyone, either at the Phoenix news station, in law enforcement, or elsewhere, give me documented figures from hospitals or coroners as to how many teens have been admitted for alcohol intoxication or poisoning from tampon or rectal administration? I would very much appreciate specifics. Thank you.
    Mike Males,

  7. Everytime I put alcohol on a sore or cut it STINGS AND HURTS!! If you had any cuts or scratches down there then this would probably HURT LIKE HECK!!!! This story does not pass the smell test.

  8. Who is this Mr. Turner? I have been a deputy for over 7 years and here in Orlando, Florida we’ve seen a disturbing change in the way teenagers are getting drunk. Here in Florida we’ve seen alcohol poisoning rates in hospitals and emergency care clinics go through the roof. These cases of alcohol poisoning are not the normal keg parties or too much alcohol. These teens here in Florida are find all kinds of ways to ingest alcohol quickly and dangerously. I know of at least one tampon case and I can’t even count the beer bong in the backside cases. Urban legend Mr. Turner? Welcome to my world, these teens are a mess when it comes to binge alcohol issues.

  9. Much ado about a nonexistent phenomena, this first went around in 1999. The photo shown is taken from a post which debunked this piece of over-hyped tripe. The caption was posted here, but no credit to the blogger is given, and certainly no mention that the only references for this BS all lead back to the same speculative source.
    How about checking the urban legends sites before jumping on the latest ‘OMG!!!’ tropes and saving yourselves some embarrassment. Or do any of these actions require having actual journalistic integrity?

  10. WOW..that has to be the most disgusting thing I have EVER heard…what the hell is wrong with people these days?

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