Logitech stops Google TV production, calls it a “big mistake”

Logitech Revue Cancels ProductionIf you’re busy creating your Christmas list for family members and friends make sure that you don’t add the Google TV Revue made by Logitech to it. Logitech has decided to cancel production of the Revue Google TV line after experiencing many headaches and problems. The CEO of Logitech, Guerrino De Luca said that the 2010 Christmas Google TV set top box launch was, “a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.”

The comments of De Luca were given to a group of investors to let them know Logitech’s future prospects and what they planned to do for the 2011 Christmas line and next year in 2012. The “big mistake” that Mr. De Luca referred to was that the product was still in beta as he said Logitech had, “executed a full scale launch with a beta product and it cost us dearly.” The Verge blog provides another good additonal breakdown of De Luca’s comments on the Google TV failure.

The set top box market for TVs has been booming with Apple being rumored to start making bigger moves into the market. Apple TV hasn’t been the biggest success either with only Mac fans adopting the technology. It hasn’t been leaked how much Apple is spending on new TV products but Logitech did reveal they had lost over $100 million dollars in operating profits participating in the Google TV launch.

Logitech isn’t exiting the TV set top box market completely however. The Logitech CEO did mention that they would be open to trying another Google TV product once Google fixes its current issues on Google TV. Suggestions were that a grandchild of the current Google TV might be a possibility for Logitech in the future but without Flash and App support now, it’s out of the question. Sony TVs include Google TV software in them and that seems to be the best way for consumers to still experience what may be one of the biggest failed launches for Google.

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