Kindle Fire Voice Recognition May Be In Amazon’s Tablet Future

Amazon Kindle Fire Voice Recognition


The Kindle Fire is on a rapid sales pace that is breaking through sales numbers that many didn’t predict for the Amazon tablet. J.P. Morgan has reported after checking supply chain vendors that it looks like Amazon could sell around 4.5 million to 5 million Kindle Fire tablets. With people buying Amazon’s tablet up like that it has presented itself as a serious contender to the Apple iPad.

Apple released its iPhone 4s with Siri and it has also taken the world by storm. People are raving about the ability to have a personal assistant on your phone that works with your voice. Either Jeff Bezos at Amazon had predicted this would happen or realized he better get in the voice recognition game as fast as possible. With Amazon’s latest acquisition of a company called Yap the future for Amazon Kindle products looks to be voice recognition.

This wasn’t something the Jeff Bezos wanted you to know about the future line of Kindle products just yet. It was revealed by Mashable that this acquisition was done in a very sneaky & quiet way so that no one would notice immediately. Amazon owns a company called Dion Acquisition and is housed in an Amazon building in Seattle, Washington. It was this company, Dion Acquisition that actually merged with Yap in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now don’t go getting yourself too excited about Amazon rolling out voice recognition to the Kindle Fire or any other Kindle products for that matter. Why shouldn’t you be drooling and shaking with excitement that you’ll be able to talk to your new Amazon Kindle Fire? Well, just flip the thing around and take a good look at it. You will be hard pressed to find a microphone on the current Kindle Fire hardware. Yes, that’s right, the Kindle Fire is mic-less. So those rumors about Kindle Fire’s being updated through software updates to have voice recognition are pipe dreams and messing with everyone’s Christmas list.

To learn a little more about what Yap is, all you have to do is flip through the not so long ago history reports of the Android marketplace and Apple’s iTunes marketplace. The Yap app was available to everyone in beta production. The app was called Yap Voicemail and transcribed calls on your phone for you. This is similar to a Vonage application that transcribed voicemails for you but this Yap app was different in that it took your vocal responses and transcribed them as well. Well don’t go looking for the Yap app now because it’s been canceled and is no longer available.

After the Amazon Yap acquisition you can bet that they didn’t want any previews of the technology they’re excited to get integrated in their next productions of Kindle and Kindle Fire hardware. The founders at Yap had been selling the idea that their product was much more than a voicemail voice translation app but that it would compete with the popular Vlingo voice recognition application. Now you probably understand why Amazon snapped up Yap and put it under the wings of Amazon subsidiaries. With the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet showing it might be a big contender against the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon clearly needs a winning edge in the future to come out on top.

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