Confederate License Plates in Texas Rejected

Confederate Flag License PlateTexas Department of Motor Vehicles Board unanimously voted against the proposal of the Confederate battle flag onto the license plates. This is the second time the plate with the confederate flag design has been brought to the TxDMV Board for voting. The Confederate flag still remains as a symbol of hate and slavery.

Nelson Linder, president of the Austin NAACP said:

“All my life it’s been clear what this flag means. This flag is part of Americas racist history. It is full of death, destruction, fear and chaos and has no place in any civilized state or nation.”

Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner whose agency sponsored the flag for the license plates said:

“What we are doing is dummying down history by saying if it’s Southern, it’s bad. It is not as simple as we try to make it.”

Meanwhile, the Sons of Confederate Veterans insist on the rebel flag for the Texas license plate because they believe it honor those soldiers who died fighting in the Civil War. The Sons of Confederate Veterans members have threatened to file a lawsuit if Texas rejects the license plate design that features the battle flag. Commander Granvel Block from the Texas division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said in a statement: “I am very disappointed that the board chose to listen to emotion rather than facts. Our logo is nothing for us to be ashamed of. All of the emotions and rhetoric we heard today had nothing to do with our logo.”

Back in April 2011, TxDMV had a tie with this matter with a 4-4 vote and one member being absent. They reset the ballot to be voted on again in June 2011, but had to cancel because one member died unexpectedly. Thursday’s vote, November 10, 2011, was 8-0 with one member absent.

Gov. Rick Perry has remained silent until two weeks ago saying to reporters in Florida, “That’s just a part of history that you don’t need to scrape that wound again.” He opposes the Confederate Battle Flag on the Texas License plates.

Texas NAACP President Gary Bledsoe, argued that opponents viewed the flag as a symbol of slavery and hate. “This is the wrong thing to do. We don’t want others to look at Texas with scorn and ridicule and think that we are a bunch of country bumpkins.”

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  1. Thanks to the over 30,000 people who signed the petition and stopped the Texas DMV from endorsing the confederate flag on our license plates.

    To find out more and join Progress Texas click the link below:

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