Joe Frazier Cancer In Late Stage, Smokin’ Joe Battling Liver Cancer

Joe Frazier Liver CancerFor those that are avid fans of Joe Frazier, also known as Smokin’ Joe, bad news has been revealed that he is in the late stages of liver cancer. Mr. Frazier holds a boxing record of 32-4-1, 27 KO’s. Joe is known for his amazing fight against Muhammid Ali where he won on March 7th, 1971. The fight was named, “The Fight of the Century” and made the history books of the boxing world.

Mr. Frazier has personal and business manager named Leslie Wolff. Leslie Wolff was interviewed by Reuters and CNN and told them that Frazier had been diagnosed with late stage liver cancer about a month ago. Mr. Frazier was placed in hospice care in Philadelphia where his business is located. Wolff said, “We are doing everything we can…but I would be a liar if I did not tell you it is very serious.” Frazier also said that the World Championship Boxer was in a “very painful and serious situation” but that “Joe is a fighter. Joe doesn’t give up.”

Joe’s full name is Joseph William “Joe” Frazier and he was born on January 12, 1944. Joe completely retired after trying to come back into professional boxing in 1981. Mr. Frazier was known for fighting & beating some of the other greatest boxers in the world like George Chuvalo, Jimmy Ellis, Eddie Machen, Buster Mathis, Oscar Bonavena, Jerry Quarry and Muhammad Ali. Mr. Frazier met his match in 1973 when George Foreman knocked him out and took the title.

People close to Mr. Frazier are asking for people to pray for him as he is in a position where he can take all the prayers he can get. There are doctors still trying to come up with solutions to Joe’s late stage liver cancer. Joe has a lot of family to fight for with eleven total children.

You can watch 5 minutes of the best career highs & fights of boxing legend Smokin’ Joe, Joe Frazier below:

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  1. Smoking joe 1 of my all time favourite boxers he would shine like a diamond in today’s drab heavy weight smokin joe

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