Justin Bieber Baby Mama, Mariah Yeater, Could Get Jail If Rumors Are True

Justin Bieber Baby Accuser Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber & Mariah Yeater

It seems that annoying media problems that Justin Bieber has been having by being accused of fathering a child with Mariah Yeater may be turning out bad for Mariah too. Mariah Yeater is now getting told that she could face up to 1 year in jail for statutory rape if Bieber is found to be the father of her child.

If the Justin Bieber baby is truly his and the details are correct, Mariah Yeater would have been 19 years old when she met up with Justin Bieber in LA. The hookup is said to have happened at Staples Center in a bathroom. The misdemeanor count has not been filed against Mariah Yeater yet but it has definitely been talked about now that a paternity test could be on the way.

Credibility of Mariah Yeater and her love life has been crumbling around the edges however as places like TMZ have been digging into her relationship problems and sex life. It seems that Ms. Yeater has actually accused another previous lover in her life already of fathering her child. The man’s name is John Terranova and lives in Las Vegas. The person giving this information seems pretty credible considering it’s John Terranova’s grandma.

The grandma of John Terranova, named Frances Lippe, told TMZ that Mariah Yeater had come to their home in Las Vegas and accused John in December 2010 of being the father of her child. In these encounters police were actually involved as Yeater got upset and broke a car window at Mr. Terranova’s house. Ms. Yeater had come back to apologize to John for breaking the car window and ended up slapping him repeatedly and then getting charged for battery by Las Vegas police.

The PR problems of Justin Bieber’s assistants have just gotten a lot easier if they can keep opening up the blackhole of disinformation coming out of Mariah Yeaters life. It sounds like the Justin Bieber baby could just about be anyones baby. Justin Bieber is busy trying to maintain a relationship with Selena Gomez and doesn’t have time for fake parenting problems. If all things come to worse for Justin Bieber he still would get the last laugh as Mariah Yeater got taken to jail for a rape charge.

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