Siri Crash Kills iPhone 4s Playlists, Calendars & Contact Lists: Fail?

Siri CrashThe grumbles have began and the debate goes on, was Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) newest technology Siri proved to be a success or failure after it suffered a severe outage? There are two different camps of people with one being led by Darrel Etherinton at GigaOM stating, “Does the Siri outage reveal its success?” and then Joe Wilcox over at BetaNews stating, “The Siri outage reveals its failure.”

Apple has had it’s new featured iPhone 4s get media attention from angry consumers after it suffered nearly six hours of downtime starting at about 11am PST on November 4th, 2011. When iPhone 4 Siri crashed for the whole world people realized how much the Apple iPhone actually relies on the cloud servers. Yes, iCloud is built for scale and is being rolled out as a major feature for Apple with success but many didn’t realize even basic funtions on their iPhones were run through Apple’s iCloud servers.

Very basic functions like managing a playlist, adding or editing calendar items or managing the iPhone contact list are all run by Siri’s ability to connect to the cloud servers at Apple. Since the new iPhones are now carry a good deal amount of storage space and a new fast A5 processor, many argue these type of things should be done on the phone themselves.

Some compared the stumbling fall of the Beta Siri service to Twitter’s failwhale or BlackBerry going down. The reality is however that iPhone 4s Siri use hasn’t reached a massive level should lend it’s service to an overuse by it’s consumers. The other thing many users of Siri will probably admit to you as well is that a Twitter Fail Whale doesn’t equal the disabling of your personal cellphones functions.

Siri Crash FailYes, Twitter fails were always annoying and showed the lacking resources that Twitter could provide the growing userbase but it didn’t keep you from listening to music. The argument seems to coming down to why did Apple allow so many basic services to be ruled by the cloud when it is certainly a beta service.

The troubles with Siri on the iPhone 4s just may slow down people trying to hack, crack and jail break their iPads and older iPhones. It’s not fun to force your technology to be prone to Apple fail whales. Keep your eye on Twitter trends because it may be soon that instead of people whining about Twitter failwhales they’ll be whining about Siri fail whales.

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