Google Will Start Charging for their Maps API Service

Google Maps APIStarting January 1, 2012, Google will start charging for it’s Google Maps API service to third-party websites that load it more than 25,000 times in a 24-hour period. Mainly focusing on businesses such as travel agents and real estate agents who use Google Maps to show their customers a view of the location they are interested in.

Google says it will only affect 0.35 percent of users using Maps. It’s been rumored that the cost will be $4 per ever 1,000 views after the free 25,000 load limit.

Thor Mitchell, product manager of the Maps API at Google reported:

“We understand that the introduction of these limits may be concerning. However, with the continued growth in adoption of the Maps API, we need to secure its long-term future by ensuring that even when used by the highest-volume for-profit sites, the service remains viable. By introducing these limits we are ensuring that Google can continue to offer the Maps API for free to the vast majority of developers for many years to come.”

If you are a third-party website that might get hit by this charge from Google Maps you might want to consider lower your map usage, or purchase a Google Maps API Premier License which will cost you $10,000 per year.

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