Conjoined Twins Separated at Age 2 in a Seven Hour Surgery

Conjoined Twins SeparatedConjoined twins, 2 years old, were separated in a seven-hour operation in Northern California at Stanford University’s children’s hospital on Tuesday. The surgery to separate the twin girls, Angelina and Angelica, was lead by Dr. Gary Hartman who has separated six conjoined twins in his career. It took a team of 40 people of doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel.

Dr. Hartman who lead the surgery of separating the conjoined twins said that if they remained connected they would have had long-term health problems and increased damage to their skeletal and muscular structure. The surgery the twins went through on Tuesday required separating their livers, diaphragms, breastbones, and chest and abdominal wall muscles. They have separate hearts, brains, kidneys, stomachs and intestines.

Dr. Hartman said news press conference:

“The long term prognosis is that we should have a happy, healthy set of girls. We don’t see any barrier to a full recovery. Once they’re healed, one would really expect them to be able to lead healthy lives”

The girls mother, Ginady said in tears after the surgery:

“Thank God for everything. This is a dream come true. Words cannot express how the family feels.”

The conjoined twins were receiving weekly injections of saltwater into balloons under their skin since July to help stretch their skin and grow new skin.

The twin girls are being kept sedated and doctors said they could be awake as early as Wednesday. They are expected to be in the hospital for at least two weeks for recovery.

The twins, Angelina and Angelica Sabuco, were born in the Philippines, but came to the United States with their mother at age 1 to join their father, Fidel. The twins live in San Jose with their parents and 10 year old brother.

Watch the video below about the conjoined twins:

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