Marine Solar Cells pave a new innovative path for hybrid wave & solar green technology

Marine Solar Panels ArrayMarine solar cells could just be one of the freshest and most innovative ideas that could become reality in the green energy industry. The Marine Solar Cells are also referred to as MSC and were designed by Phil Pauley out of London. Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s not just a solar panel, these also offer a hybrid technology that allow wave power generation as well as the solar panels to create off-shore photovoltaic power generation that is clean and sustainable.

The system is completely scalable and could be implemented on a large-scale production and help green initiatives of marine conservation. The system can be deployed in any location off shore and will create power from the movement of the waves and direct solar rays from the sun as well as refracted light coming off the ocean waves shining into the sides of the solar cells. Marine Solar Panel Below Sea LevelBy being placed in the ocean these solar panels can generate as much as 20% more energy than a typical solar cell do to the sun’s rays being reflected off the ocean.

The founder of the design, Phil Pauley created these Marine Solar Cells in the hopes of inspiring more innovative research and design into clean energy research and production. These low cost units show the implications on a wide scale by opening up the potential for distribution of hundreds of these solar-wave units. The placement and maintenance of these units could also create a lot of green jobs that woudl become specialized positions.

The idea is that the way these are designed and manufactured that they could be done cheaply and done with recycled materials. Mr. Pauly said, “These hybrid marine generators would be an effective way of capturing more energy per square metre. The design means they could be largely constructed from recycled materials too.” The designs can be learned about more at Phil Pauley’s website.

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