Powerball Jackpot jumps to $203 million for 10/29 drawing

This year is on a roll for the Powerball as this Saturday’s drawing will be the fourth time in 2011 that players can have a chance at winning over $200 million. The jackpot for the Powerball Lotto jumped to $203 million for the 10/29/2011 after the winning numbers didn’t match anyone in the country.

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There were seven winners in the country that won $200,000 by matching all 5 numbers and one lucky person in Colorado had the Power Play option and won a cool $1 million dollars.

The winning numbers for the 10/26/2011 drawing were: 1 18 21 39 55 6

If winners were to win this next Power Ball Lottery they could take the cash option and walk home with $123 million. Taxes are always a consideration but there are always interesting things people can do with settlement lawyers by taking annuity payments and then cashing in their annuities for lump sum payments.

If there isn’t a winner on the next Powerball drawing the jackpot is expected to soar up to almost record amounts of hoards of people try to buy Powerball tickets before the ticket price increases to $2 a ticket. The price is expected to increase to $2 a ticket in January 2012.

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