Blackbeard Cannon Pulled from Ocean Floor Still Loaded

Blackbeard Cannon

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Researchers have pulled a 2,000 pound, 8-foot cannon from the sinking wrecked ship that belonged to pirate Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne‘s Revenge from 1718. This cannon will mark the 12th one found from the bottom of the Beaufort Inlet.

Researchers have been recovering artefact’s since 1996 when they located the shipwreck. North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources have already recovered and examined around 280,000 artefacts. They say about 50 percent of the area has been examined and they hope to have it completed by the year 2013.

Sarah Watkins-Kenney, the chief conservator said:

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“Four cannons were all found to be loaded, with cannon shot and wads in place ready to be fired. Remains of rope wrapped around the muzzle of another cannon also are intriguing. Materials as fragile as rope rarely survive, so finding this vindicated the cleaning used to carefully excavate the concretion layers, rather than just knock it off to reveal the cannon.”

Each cannon has to go through a cleaning process to remove all the sand, salt and sea life from it, which can take up to five years. Once the Blackbeard cannon are found, they get transported to Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Lab at East Carolina University to be examined and cleaned.

CNN mentioned where Blackbeard’s ship wreck is and a

little information that is thought to be believed by Historians:

The Queen Anne’s Revenge’s remains are scuttled two miles off the North Carolina coast near Atlantic Beach in 25 feet of water, where the pirate Blackbeard left the vessel in June 1718. Historians believe Blackbeard and his fleet of 300 to 400 pirates wanted to rid themselves of the vessel. “It’s believed he ran this aground intentionally as a part of corporate downsizing,” said Fay Mitchell with North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

Beaufort Maritime Museum exhibit opened in June and is said to have already attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Video of Blackbeard’s Cannon being pulled from the Ocean:

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