Top earning dead celebrities for 2011 include Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, John Lennon & Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Jackson Top Earning Dead CelebrityIf there was ever a salary to be envious of it’s certainly the salary of a celebrity that isn’t even alive anymore. Thankfully, Forbes publishes figured for everyone to gawk at and be envious of with all of the top earning dead celebrities.

The requirements to make the top earning Forbes deceased celebrity list does have rules and one is that the celebrity must have made at least $6 million dollars between October 2010 and October 2011. The #1 dead celebrity still rolling in the dough is none other than Michael Jackson. This is Michael Jackson’s second year as the top earning dead celeb. In this last year Michael Jackson earned over $170 million selling mostly music albums, MP3’s and memorbillia. The Cirque Du Soleil’s “Immortal” performance that is performed in Vegas has been a big earner for his estate as well.

Elvis Presley Top earning Dead CelebrityThe next in line to all this income power of the dead is the famous Elvis Presley who brought in an estimated $55 million dollars in profits. While Mr. Presley has an extremely large list of hit songs, he also got some extra cash coming in from Cirque Du Soleil show’s in Vegas like the “Viva Elvis” show. Graceland was another hot income property for Elvis Presley this year.

Marilyn Monroe was #3 with the profits rolling in at $27 million dollars for her estate of licenses, royalties and memorbillia. Charles Schulz was on the top five list at #4 raking in money from his famous creation of the Peanut cartoon empire. The #5 slot was held by two people in a tie with John Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor both making the same amount of $12 million this last year.

To get the whole scoope and more celebrities on the list you can catch the Forbes publication that lists all of the top earning dead celebrities. Also included in this year’s Forbes list is a slideshow of pictures and the associated merchandise and properties that helped these celebrities make profits from the underworld.

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