The secret MP3 playlist that inspired Steve Jobs on his iPod player

Steve Jobs with iPodJust about everyone has used an iPod, iPhone or iPad at this point. Even if you have never owned or used an actual Apple MP3 player, the one you have owned was more than likely created due to the Apple iPod series of products. This leads everyone to wonder what the iconic innovator, Steve Jobs himself had as MP3’s on his iPod devices.

As everyone in the world knows by now, Steve Jobs just recently passed away and left a legacy of technology, a company and also unproduced ideas behind. We will undoubtedly experience things created by Steve Jobs for decadeds as products and devices reach new generations.

Another things Mr. Jobs left behind in his biography titled, “Steve Jobs” written by Walter Isaacson is his MP3 playlist of albums & songs that gave him inspiration and fed him the entertainment he desired. Looking at when Steve Jobs experienced some of his best times of finding himself, it’s the sixties music that seems to show off in the majority of his playlist.

Steve Jobs had a healthy obsession with Bob Dylan and in his book it’s revealed he collected live concert recordings and tried to find any bootleg he could. On Steve Job’s iPod he had every single bootleg album produced by Bob Dylan which came to a total of six. All of the collection of Bob Dylan wasn’t bootlegs though, the bulk of the Bob Dylan albums Steve Jobs had were fifteen albums that were classics. The Beatles was on the MP3 playlist with seven albums and the Rolling Stones had six albums on Steve Job’s MP3 playlist.

What the music playlist of Steve Jobs tells you is that he kept a close attachment to his hippie days. One thing that Mr. Jobs admired about the Beatles and Bob Dylan was that they changed how they entertained throughout their entire career. In fact, Mr. Jobs quoted Dylan in his biography saying, “Otherwise, as Dylan says, if you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.”

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