Stupid criminal breaks robs business, logs into Facebook, gets arrested

Facebook Login ArrestThere are stupid criminals in this world every day but this one will give you a pause. Recently in Mississippi a suspect robbed a location and decided to relax a little during the burglary and check his Facebook account. If this has never crossed your mind before that this is a bad idea and you’re slighly criminal, take notice.

The business that this suspect broke into was a U-Haul rental service that also allowed people to rent the Uhaul trucks. The computers in the office were apparently on and enticing enough to lure the suspect, Jason Andrew Smith to get in his daily dose of social media.

Twitter was skipped but Facebook seemed to be first on this 30 year old’s list of social accounts to update. It isn’t clear whether the suspect actually posted a status update on Facebook or if he was just seeing wh

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at other people were doing while he was breaking into local businesses.

The case is still being made against this stupid criminal but the Facebook login is going to be a big piece of evidence for judges in this case. The other thing that seemed to seal the deal that Mr. Smith realized what he did was stupid was breaking back into the U-Haul store to steal the computer he used for his social media surfing.

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