Andy Rooney, 60 Minute’s A Few Minutes Star Has Had Surgery Complications, Stable


Andy Rooney SurgeryAndy Rooney who is now 92 years old just recently retired himself from the 60 minutes Primetime show and his segment called, “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney.” Mr. Rooney had been doing work with 60 Minutes since 1968. The famous segment started in 1978 after a long stint of writing for 60 minutes.

It has only been about 3 weeks since Andy Rooney quit doing the 60 minutes spot and it has been said that he had minor surgeries done last week. The 92 year old Rooney started to experience serious complications after this minor surgery and has been hospitalized. It’s being reported that Andy Rooney is stable after being put back in the hospital.

Andy Rooney’s family hasn’t released any specific statements as to what Andy had surger for or what his complications have been. The family did ask for their privacy during this difficult time.

Everyone can probably agree that there is a sigh of relief to hear that Andy Rooney is in stable condition after the complications. No matter what, one thing America will have to do without is Andy’s curmudgeon view on culture and technology. Andy Rooney was recently quoted saying, “I wish I could do this forever.”

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