What are the rope necklaces around baseball player’s necks in the World Series?

Holland Phiten Necklace World Series

Rangers Holland wearing a Phiten necklace in the World Series

Everyone is starting to notice those necklaces around baseball player’s necks during the MLB Postseason games. The baseball player trend mostly started with pitchers and then has spread to other players on the field. Star player, Albert Pujols who just tied Babe Ruth for homeruns in a World Series game is also wearing one of these mysterious necklaces.

The story behind these intertwined ropes around player’s necks is that during Spring Training
the Phiten company went to all of the MLB fields and distributed free necklaces and bracelets. Phiten product representatives were challenged with distributing these products and selling the lasting energy, fatigue reducening and shortened recovery features of this titanium based product.

Customization for different teams in Major League Baseball has been to add colors, logos and style to these necklaces. It didn’t stop there either as other mainstream sports players are starting to wear them as well. The necklaces have now been made with a line products called the PGA Tour Collection, NBA Eastern Conference, NBA Western Conference, MLB American League and then the MLB National League.

From the Phiten website they list in their technology the main features of this product and how it is made and how it works:

The core of Phiten technology is in our Aqua Metals – metals that are broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. These Phiten materials – amongst which Aqua Titanium is the most common – are then applied to the materials used in our products (fabric, silicone) in a variety of ways. For fabric, the Aqua Metals can be fused into the fabric in process similar to dyeing. In other applications, the Aqua Metal is mixed in with other materials to form usable compounds that can then be applied to various products. Every product – from our iconic necklaces to apparel – feature some sort of Phiten technology. We tailor our products for everyone, from hardcore athletes to everyday warriors, to get them through the daily grind and to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

When covering their MLB centric products they say:

Phiten MLB Authentic

Authentic MLB Phiten Necklace

The MLB Authentic Tornado Necklace worn on the MLB diamond, this dual-coiled necklace with custom color accents features Phiten’s patented Aqua-Titanium® technology, an outer nylon fabric permeated with Aqua-Titanium® covers a flexible Micro Titanium Sphere and elastomer compound core, and is held together by custom MLB Authentic seam guards.

So does this new fancy technology actually work? Does this product provide lasting energy and the reduction of fatigue? There have been studies done and for now, it seems that the players that use them do experience positive effects. The only debate left to figure out is whether these titanium necklace products are really working or whether they’re just using the placebo effect.

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