Robin Williams Marries for the Third Time and his Daughter Tweets About it

Robin Williams MarriedRobin Williams, 60, married his third wife in St. Helena, CA on Sunday, October 23, 2011. The wedding took place in the Napa Valley at Meadowood Resort and rumored to have guests like; Billy Crystal, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Susan Schneider is 47 years old and the owner of a graphic design company, Critical Eye Design.

The newly wed couple has been dating for less than four years. Robin Williams and Susan Schneider met before he had heart surgery in 2009 and she helped nurse him back to health. In April 2010, Susan joined Robin at the Academy Awards

Robin Williams, who separated from his second wife Marsha after 19 years together in 2008 has two children with her; Zelda, 22 years old and Cody, 19 years old. He was also previously married to Valarie Velardi, the mother of his oldest son Zak, 28 years old. All three of his children were there to support him and his marriage to Susan.

His daughter Zelda tweeted on the day before her dad’s wedding:

Zelda Williams Tweets

‘Dad just called @RobertKazinsky and @ShannonCollis my hetero-lifemates at the wedding. Now everyone thinks I’m a redhead polygamist.’

‘Just realized my tweets have probably been misconstrued. No, it’s not my wedding, haha. Thanks for the congratulations regardless.’

‘The wedding festivities rage on but my tired feet are done. Think it’s time to lay in the tub, eat m&m’s and write.’

Congratulations go out the Robin Williams and Susan Schneider for their marriage. Third time is a charm, right?! Susan wasn’t afraid to marry Robin with his massive beard he grew for his role as tiger in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo on Broadway.


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