Paranormal Activity 3 proves it’s primetime for Scary Movies as Halloween approaches (Trailer Included)

Paranormal Activity 3 TrailerThere is always the typical release of a planned movie right before the Halloween spirit rises to a loud pitch. This year is no different but what you may find different this year is that a third installment of a horror franchise is actually just as good as the ones produced before it. If you’re looking to be scared out of your wits and be terrified for the Halloween season, this movie is going to fit the bill.

The Paranormal franchise is going in reverse with Paranormal Activity 3 taking you into the Carlsbad, California home in the year 1988. The characters you have come to know in Paranormal Activity 1 and Paranormal Activity 2 are now kids. One of the girls and her babysitter will wind you through the tense and high anxiety moments as they play the games that most didn’t dare to play as a kid. Bloody Mary on the wall, yes, that bathroom game is there to draw you in and connect with your inner child.

The reviews on Paranormal Activity Three from the go to entertainment destinations like Entertainment Weekly give this movie high marks and assure you that you’ll find screams, jolts and even a few moments of laughter. Other reviews are stuck on the fact that there is some deep plot development and time to get to know the characters. An excellent review on this new Halloween blockbuster from Richard Corliss that is with Time magazine says that the film does contain “a few cheesy scares” but that the “rest is pretty freaking cool.” Other reviews say this third installment of Paranormal Activity shows the filmakers, Joost and Schulman, are the real deal because they’ve proven to make a unique installment that adds to their franchise.

The midnight showing almost broke an all-time record by bringing in $8 million on the Thursday boo fest. The only movie that beat these numbers was The Hangover Two which beat it by $2 million at their midnight showing. The profit that is dripping from this franchise is obvious due to the low budget price tag. With a cost of $5 million dollars this movie is already pulling in profit as you read this.

If you want to experience the terror yourself you can watch the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer below:

We can verify that the trailer below is an exact depiction of what you will find in the Paranormal Activity 3 movie in the theaters. The other trailers above are bizarre in the fact that they are not exactly like the movie and include other scenes, people & effects. It’s still a great Halloween movie and will scare you, however, we think Paranormal Activity 2 was still the best!

Update on these Paranormal Activity 3 Trailers: We have received comments and searches from people wondering why these trailers are not exactly like the movie, we’ll admit, we really don’t know. Why the trailer portray the characters and some of the scenes, there are certainly scenes, effects and even some characters that don’t show up in the actual movie. We try to include only official trailers from Paranormal Activity 3 but we’ll do our best to find some beyond the two listed that depict closer to the effect and scenes you’ll see in Paranormal Activity 3 the movie.

3 Comments on "Paranormal Activity 3 proves it’s primetime for Scary Movies as Halloween approaches (Trailer Included)"

  1. Mitch Harrison | October 25, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Reply

    Doesn’t this scream of false advertising? If I went to see the movie and it wasn’t as good as the trailer promised do u think they would refund the ticket price? lol

  2. What film have you reviewed cos the one ive just seen has almost none of the trailer in it…awful!!

    • Allan Soldner | October 22, 2011 at 9:03 pm |

      Completely agree Sarah. We saw the movie last night after the trailer was placed on the site. The trailer definitely was made around the context of the movie. Pretty wild huh? It is interesting how the Bloody Mary scene doesn’t include both girls but only one of them with the babysitter. Not really sure why they do this with trailers. We’ll look for one that is more applicable than the “official” Paranormal Activity 3 trailer.

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