Pictures & video of Libya’s dead Colonel Muammar Gaddafi released to the public

As soon as the world learned of Gadaffi’s death last night people have been looking for the proof. Gaddafi has been killed in his birth town of Sirte which he helped develop into one of Libya’s largest cities. The proof for most people comes in the form of pictures of Gaddafi dead or being killed and more and more of that proof is being released.

Gadaffi Photoshop Dead PictureWhile pictures of Gadaffi dead were released in different formats many claimed these pictures were photoshopped or faked. In fact, pictures that were provided by CNN have been shown side by side by famous pics of Gaddafi that show how Photoshop might have been used.

All the conspiracies were debunked however with multiple videos that have been shared of a dead GaddafiGaddafi Dead Photo being driven around town in Sirte in a pickup truck. While the video footage of Gaddafi killed seems to seal up confusions as to whether he is really dead, the exact events that led to his killing remain more muttled.

The story that seems to be most common at this point is that Ghaddafi and his group of fighters started to attempt leaving the city or Sirte after NATO jets from France started bombing the Gadaffi convoy position in a heavy airstrike. After fleeing that area, Gadaffi’s team got in a heavy gun battle with National Transitional Council fighters.

During all this fighting Gaddafi got down into a drain to protect himself and hide from all the fighters. It has been suspected that Gadaffi may have been hit and was bleeding from the firefight. Not too long after a group of rebels found the former Libyan leader in the drain and beat him with shoes & guns and dragged him out of the drain.

There are many quotes being released from Gaddafi saying things like, “What have I done to you?” and “Don’t shoot.” One other piece of evidence that has been proudly shown around is a golden gun that was said to have been Gadaffi’s own gun. With videos and pictures continually being shared we’ll continue updating this page with new images and video clips as they’re released.

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