Gaddafi’s Golden Gun is a symbol of a new direction for Libya

Ghadaffi Gold GunThe golden gun that symbolizes the final chapter in a dictators control over a country. Gaddafi’s golden gun is starting to become a public symbol of his absence from Libya now. There are numerous pictures through-out the US with rebels, all from the National Transitional Council (NTC), showing off the weapon throughout the city of Sirte.

The most famous of these figures is a young mid-20’s Libyan named Mohammaed al-Bibi. Mr. al-Bibi is being repeated on thousands of news stations throughout the world with Ghadifi’s last words, “Don’t shoot.” Moammar Gadhafi was found in a sewer drain hiding with his golden pistol. The gold pistol was taken from Gadaffi after he was killed and used as a photo opportunity for all of the rebels to proudly present their win this current battle.
Decorated Gadaffi Golden Gun
This isn’t the first time people have found Gaddafi’s golden weapon treasures. When Gaddafi’s palace was raided in August in the city of Tripoli the rebels found a golden machine gun then as well. With Gadaffi’s love for gold in his weaponry it seems it will now represent his absence and triumph over what is being called an iron fist dictator.
Gaddafi Goldgun
There are numerous pictures and videos of the famous Libyan leader’s gold gun being brandished throughout the streets. As we find more of these symbolic pictures and videos we’ll add them here. What people find themselves asking now is that now that the “Iron fist dictator” Gaddafi is out, his gold gun in the hands of rebels, what next? What path will the rebels of Libya take now that they have won the biggest battle of them all?

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