Raccoon dogs skinned alive for counterfeit Ugg Boots & other fur products

Captive raccoon dog in a fur farm

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If you think you’ve seen it all, you will be completely shocked to see this video which shows a group of workers in China skinning dogs alive for a counterfeit Ugg boot production. There are times in your life when it’s hard for you to even watch something so utterly horrible, but you have to stand up to those things and try to create an article to tell the story of someone that cannot tell the story for themselves. This story has to be one of those situations for me, it was hard enough to watch I couldn’t finish the video and it’s extremely hard to get out of your thought process. We found out about this horrific situation from Scallywag and Vagabond and also Digital Journal.

The raccoon dogs being shown below as they are skinned alive are commonly bred in China for this specific kind of operation. The dogs are referred to as Raccoon Dogs and do not apply to the fur ban on imports of domestic dogs, jackals and foxes. The raccoon dogs are are kept until they are ready to be skinned for fur products that are created and sold through Chinese trade routes. This information was disseminated by a YouTube user under the name of animalwelfare1 and was produced by an Animal Cruelty organization called Swiss Animal Protection. The most crushing and indescribable part of this video is once the dogs have been skinned of their fur alive and left in a pile to writhe in pain and agony until they die nearly three hours later. If this can’t change your consumer choices, then nothing will.

The footage of the following video destroying an animal, it’s dignity and existence will not be shown on your local news, on CNN or any major news site you read. This video is so graphic and horrible that most have chosen not to reference it, include it or even cover this story. We hope that this information helps you think twice about purchasing fur from any business or store because this is what that process leads to.

The common use for the fur you can see being harvested in the video below is often passed off as faux pa Ugg Boots fur. A lot of the times the counterfeit Uggs Botts are made to look like the real thing with the Made in China tags removed and ones added from the original Made in Australia tag. Please be sure that you understand original Ugg Boots made in Australia are not produced this way. Ugg Boot manufacturing in Australia involves fur that is shaved from a sheep and the sheep skin is said to be harvested in a humane manner.

Here at Z6 we wouldn’t call ourselves animal activists or a group that is very strong in one direction or the other. Here in America we kill animals every day to eat them and some feel that this is also inhumane and disgusting. The situation presented in these videos however shows an indecency and disgusting level in China that can’t even be explained in words. If you take the time to watch this video you will most definitely agree the most humane thing in this situation could have been to kill these animals at the least level of humanity. Instead, the horrible suffering is endured by the animals to an extreme level and it’s beyond impossible to watch this video all the way through. We hope this exposé helps you think twice before you ever purchase any fur or fake fur product again.

WARNING: No one under the age of 18 should watch this video. You MUST be prepared to watch this horrible video and we recommend that if you are squeamish or emotionally effected easily in any way you do not watch this video.

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  1. Feel physically sick. Why cant they just shave them? If they are going t do it in this way the least they can do is kill the humanly first? its just awful

  2. All products made from this trade must be boycotted – that is a start. We also need to network with the Chinese animal activist groups as there are large ones. There is a LOT of power in numbers and it is time to unite all of the like-minded people that want to make REAL change and stop this.

  3. In reply to A better man – an analogy – children get sold into prostitution as a way of life so certain people can feed their families, does that make it right?? Should we turn a BLIND EYE to things because thats “how they earn their money to feed their families” How ridiculous, no animal I’ve eaten has been tortured before it’s died.

  4. xenophobes the lot of you…
    You’ll eat other animals that have no doubt been in as much pain as some of these. This is a way of life to these people, how they earn their money to feed their families.
    Get some perspective before you start raging.

  5. Couldn’t agree more…. highly disturbing. I’ve never seen anything like that from PETA or in any other videos. I’m completely shocked and disgusted. Something needs to be done.

  6. THANK GOODNESS this is being exposed! I so hope it brings about a BAN and jailing of anyone skinning any beautiful creature alive. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. It is so SHAMEFUL and so utterly CRUEL!! PLEASE what else can we do to help end this HORROR??

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