One-Eyed Cyclops Shark Discovered in Mexico is Confirmed Real

Cyclops SharkAccording to scientists, the one-eyed ‘cyclops’ shark discovered in July by Fisherman, Enrique Lucero León, is the real deal. Fisherman, Enrique León, found this unique male cyclops shark inside a pregnant dusky shark he caught legally in July near Cerralvo Island in the Gulf of California.

Researchers examined and x-rayed the cyclops fetus shark to verify it was real and wasn’t a joke. Measuring in at 22 inches long this shark fetus has one functioning eye made up of optical tissue. [More Pictures of the Cyclops Shark]

Scientists say it’s very unlikely the cyclops shark could have survived in the real world outside of the womb where it was found.

Cyclopia is a rare congenital disorder which happens 1 in 16,000 born animals and 1 in 250 in embryos. Human cyclops are very rare, but are preserved in medical museums through-out the world. One case was in 1982 in Israel where a baby girl was born seven weeks early and only lived 30 minutes. She had no nose, one eye and had severe brain abnormalities, Fox news reports.

“This is extremely rare,” Felipe Galvan Magana, a shark expert, told the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog in July. “As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded.”

Galván-Magaña and his colleagues from Pisces Fleet have come across several different findings in years of research with sharks, such as a two-headed shark embryo they discovered in a female blue shark. They think what happened was the embryo was starting to split into twins, but wasn’t able to completely separate possibly because of not enough room in the womb of the mother shark.

Fisherman Enrique Lucero León, is wanting to hang onto this preserved cyclops fetus shark. It’s also being reported that Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog will be publishing a scientific paper about the cyclops shark finding in the coming weeks.

Even though there are strange finds in the world, little to none come with proof to authenticate the real existence of these bizarre mythical findings.

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    Now will someone say my pet parrenisium has a rare abnormalty? I have been trying to look at it it has 4 nuculis 3 mouths its shrinking and getting bigger rapidly dulicating so quick I cant beleive it one sec theres 1 next 2 next 4 next 8 but each dulicate seems to function normally 2 not not 4 1 mouth normal growth rate Why or how

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