Mystery Ball readies a November launch out of beta for iPad, iPhone & iTouches

Myster Ball gets ready to launch

Coming to all iOS devices soon is a creation called Mystery Ball by David Howe, one of the co-founders of Red Nova Labs. Mr. Howe has put nearly half a year of 15 hour days into creating a game that is nearly out of it’s beta phase. Mystery Ball will run on all iPads, iTouch & iPhone. While there are almost 100 new iOS games released a day, this game is expected to rise to the top of the list with it’s interesting game play and plot.

Mystery Ball stars FRED, a free range energy ball, who has been set in a strange Professor’s world of islands that float high in the air. FRED suffers from several chronic phobias and amnesia. The player’s goal is to help FRED move through these worlds and overcome his fears by collecting Bravery Badges the Professor has strewn throughout the world.

FRED must also avoid frenemies in the process, like Mr Pail, who seems a little too friendly, and Mr Thud, who enjoys putting FRED on a golf tee and whacking him into the wide abyss below. Players use a fair amount of strategy in Mystery Ball: as the levels get harder, players have to set up tools called Doodads to help FRED jump, distract enemies, and even control dimensions. As FRED overcomes his fears, he gains new abilities, like flight, the ability to be touched (and thrown) and the manipulation of time.

Mystery Ball is addictive and colorful, with an intriguing story tying it all together. With cute frenemies, bright David Howe Ceator of Mystery Ballenvironments and the overarching mystery – who is FRED, and where did he come from – players are sure to be hooked. Fun Game Center achievements are woven throughout.

Mystery Ball is the work of a single developer, David Howe, who programmed, designed and art-directed the game by himself. Mystery Ball is the first game from Red Nova Labs Games. Find out more about Howe, FRED, and the experiment at the Mystery Ball site. It will be released in early November, so keep an eye out!

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