Attempted Suicide Causes a 6-Alarm Apartment Fire in Boston

Boston Apartment FireFirefighters in Boston were called to an apartment building after residents heard an explosion around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. Shortly after the explosion, a man showed up at the Boston Medical Center with second-degree burns to his arms, hands and face admitting to starting the fire. Later, Mohamed Abdul Jabar, 28 years old, was transferred to the burn unit at Massachusetts General Hospital where he is being treated in intensive care for his burns. Police say Jabar doesn’t live int he building that he caught on fire, but he possibly could have been at a relative’s apartment. Jabar will be facing a list of charges when he is released from the hospital, including arson and attempted murder.

Herbert and Judith Lamb dropped their 6-year old grandson from the third-floor apartment window into Boston Fire Lt. Glenn McGillivray’s arms.

“Thank God I caught him. I’ve never had to do that before, and I hope I never have to do it again,” Boston Fire Lt. Glenn McGillivray told The Boston Globe. He said firefighters knew Judith Lamb wouldn’t be able to hold on to the child until more help arrived, so they told her to drop him. Then they used a ladder to rescue her.

Ten people were taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation, along with two firefighters and a police officer for minor injuries. While the fire in the city’s Roxbury neighborhood left around 75 people homeless and more than two dozen apartment building damaged or destroyed.

There were about 160 firefighters on the scene of the Boston apartment fire.

All residents were accounted for and a temporary shelter was set up for the residents that were effected by the apartment complex fire.

Fox News reported statements from firefighters on the scene of the Boston Fire:

MacDonald could not immediately confirm initial media reports that the fire may have been started after a gas line to a stove was cut.
Lt. Tom Blake, a 21-year veteran, told The Boston Globe that he had never worked another fire with more rescue situations.
“They kept coming, one after another,” he told the newspaper. “We took four people out that one window.”
Another firefighter said the building’s childproof screens made some of the rescues difficult.
“We just did our best to open them any way we could,” firefighter Greg Conlan told the newspaper.

Photo Credit: Aram Boghosian / AP
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