Vaginal Rejuvenation & Labiaplasty are the next booming business in Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Gynocology is boomingYes, you read that right, the new big business in plastic surgery is in the cosmetic-gyn category and the main services are vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty. The business has picked up so much that conferences and conventions are popping up all across the United States & UK for training, coaching and presentations on how to get involved and perfect the business.

The growth numbers are starting to paint a picture of where doctors are headed to hide from rising health care costs, government regulation and other annoying circumstances of the medical business. In 2009 females forked over nearly $6,800,000 to just plastic surgeons alone for cosmetic gynecology procedures. This figure doesn’t include any procedures or surgeries that were performed by gynaecologists that are listed with the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynacology (ABOG).

While there aren’t specific revenue numbers on the growth of these procedures in Britain, one figure put the 2008 growth at an 80 percent increase in labiaplasty operations being done. Clearly, these last few years have been the year of vaginal cosmetic surgery’s rise to fame, or at least popularity.

As popular as these procedures are becoming with female consumers that doesn’t mean that professional organizations in gynecology approve. American Congress of Obstetricians and GynecologistsThe American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) feel that there are ethical issues and that almost all of the procedures being performed are unnecessary and not needed for anyone’s, “health.” They aren’t alone either, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ABOG) will not recognize cosmetic vaginal rejuvination, labiaplasty, clitoral unhooding, vaginoplasty or hymenoplasty as sub-specialties in the gynecology services it approves.

No one at the conferences popping up all over the US seem to care what approval they have from these organizations. The telling figures show why plastic surgeons are flocking to this profitable business and why gynecologists are interested in becoming more involved as well. A labiaplasy procedure performed in office takes just a few hours and has a net profit of $5,000. When you compare this with prenatal service for 9 months with a pregnant mother and then a live birth delivery room procedure the profit comes out to only about $3,000. For the work of a few hours compared to months of care the profit is over $2,000 more.

The other fact that some surgeons might not want to admit is that cash is king. With these popular vaginal plastic surgery procedures everyone pays in cash. This removes the headaches of insurance, customers that can’t pay in full, HIPPA and other red-tape that slows down the medical field these days. Obviously vaginal rejuvenation cost isn’t a concern of the clients Vaginal Rejuvenation pays cashgetting this done, it’s a cosmetic procedure they’ve decided they can’t live without. New methods have made the in-office procedures quicker with things like vaginal laser rejuvenation to speed up the process and new inventions popping up at conventions like a Radiostatic scalpel which supposedly causes less damage during operations.

One really has to wonder what all these operations are for however with descriptions like Hymenoplasty the revirgination of a woman or labiaplasty where people have their labia either removed of trimmed. The most common procedure which is vaginal rejuvenation is the tightening of the female vagina and has had growth numbers that leaves jaws on the floor. It doesn’t seem this trend will be going away with new training from these conferences on how to make their practices more profitable, how to market their services better with search engine optimization and then how to clean up their reputation and defend it. The tricks and training up the sleeves of these presenters shows that this business has a lot of room to grow and the booming business of vaginal rejuvenation is only getting more refined.

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