Live video provides a real-time view of OccupyNYC’s Occupy Wallstreet Movement

OccupyNYC LivestreamLive video has been broadcasting for a couple hours as cops start evicting Occupy Wall Street protesters from NYC Time Square and various parks throughout the city. Michael Bloomberg said that one of the most famous parks, Zucotti could remain a haven for OccupyNYC protesters but the bans have moved to other locations.

Two live streams have been broadcasting now to thousands of people. Viewers of the Occupy Wallstreet (also called the Occupy New York) movement in New York City have reached over 10,000 viewers at a time through Livestream feeds. Live chat room feeds are providing police scanner information on everything that is being discussed by the police as they try to keep the protest crowds under control and evict them in a peaceful manner.

Live video feed providers can be heard panting and running while trying to avoid cops with zip ties that NYPD is popular for using in the Occupy Wallstreet Movement. At one point a girl was heard begging for a mic check while trying to alert a park full of people that the police were approaching to arrest as many people as possible. There were chatroom reports of police scanner information talking about violence breaking out after an eviction was attempted with zip ties.

Protesters that have been arrested have been telling of stories of being charged with all criminal acts entire crowds have been committed if they are the unlucky ones to be arrested. You can watch the two live streams below:

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at

Watch live streaming video from occupywallstnyc at

To watch every city in the Occupy Wall Street movement you can view the collection of all live streams and broadcasts as they unfold at Occupy Stream.

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