Truck driving jobs going against unemployment trend


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There just aren’t enough skilled truck drivers to fill a growing list of truck driving jobs. While unemployment in America is still high and maintaining it’s above 9% status, truck driving jobs can’t be filled fast enough.

This problem has started to revolutionize the way trucking companies get people trained for these jobs. While trucking schools used to cost a lot of money to attend, some companies like Con-way Freight are offering free truck driving schools with guaranteed jobs when students graduate.

An 18 month trial program has been tested at Con-Way Freight and they report to have a 98% retention rate after graduates enter their new jobs making $60,000 to $70,000 a year in high demand truck jobs. Con-Way Freight’s (NYSE:CNW) trucking jobs are attractive to drivers because none of their jobs are OTR or long haul jobs and are local that get them home at night.

Truck Driving Jobs Workforce AgeWhat seems to be changing the trucking business is that baby boomers are retiring and hanging up the keys to their trucks. The younger employment force isn’t willing to do these jobs and they don’t have the CDL’s or training for them either. It’s thought by some people in the trucking industry that this could lead to people paying people while they attend trucking school so that they can crank out more applicants.

Either way, once someone has made it through trucking school the ability to find a trucking job is a lot easier these days. While it used to take sifting through job ads in a newspaper there are advanced websites for truckers like that allows truckers to match up with truck jobs all across the country. Sites like this are expected to be even more helpful to trucking companies in the next year as the trucking industry approaches a potential shortage of 300,000 trucking jobs in 2012.

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