Corn maze couple gets lost with baby, calls 911

Connors Farm Corn MazeCorn mazes are all the rage around Halloween time and a couple recently decided to take their newborn out for the first time in one. Things didn’t go as planned as the couple got lost in the corn maze and found themselves in the maze after dark and after closing hours.

The popular corn maze is located in Danvers, Massachusetts on 7 acres of farmland at the Connors Farm. The corn maze has been popular in years past by doing a Scarecrow in 2008, Family Guy in 2009 and  Clint Eastwood in 2010. This year the field of corn presented Salem Village and the Headless Horsemen. The corn maze is located next to a highway of cars and powerlines next to the road. This lead some people interviewed confused how a couple could get lost.

Corn Maize Connors Farm EntranceListed on Connors Farm’s website they post that you must enter the corn maze one hour before closing time. The couple with the baby did just that but found themselves wandering for quite awhile and expected someone from the corn maze business to come find them.

What happened next was a panicked mom calling into 911 to be rescued from the corn maze that was full of maize. The 911 call unfolded with the following conversation:

Woman in tears: Hi, I just called. I’m still stuck at Connors Farms. I don’t see anybody. I’m really scared. It’s really dark and we’ve got a 3-week-old.

911: Your husband is with you?

Woman: Yes. But my baby…

911: A police officer is on the way. Can you put your husband on the phone?

Husband: I see lights over there at the place, but we can’t get there, we’re smack right in the middle of the corn field.

Woman: I don’t know what made us do this, it was daytime when we came in, we thought if we came in someone would come in and find us… We can hear [the police officers]… Oh, my goodness. The mosquitoes are eating us alive, and I never took my daughter out, this is the first time. Never again.

Woman: This is embarrassing.

(The husband was instructed by the 911 operator to start yelling “Hello K-9!”)

The 911 call lasted for seven minutes and ended in the K-9 Unit finding the couple. The couple was found scared to death, lost and tired just twenty five feet from the exit of the corn maze.

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