Is Richard Simmons sick? His rep says no!

richard simmons sickDancing With The Stars is an engine of water cooler talk and Monday nights airing of the October 10th, 2011 episode got Richard Simmons fans talking. People started asking, tweeting and Facebooking all over wondering is Richard Simmons sick?

To clear this up quickly, Richard Simmons representative Tom Estey talked directly to People and told them that Richard, is “the healthiest he’s ever been.” Mr. Estey also said that, “He’s actually at the weight he was when we launched the original “Sweatin’ to the Oldies. He is completely healthy, happy and fit as a fiddle. He’s happy. Everything with him could not be better.”

This statement hasn’t exactly quieted fans as they make tweets on Twitter to express their concern.

Many of the comments reference the 63 year old Simmons hair saying that it is extremely thin, he’s very pale and looks way to thin.

Some people used the popular Dancing With The Stars hashtag #DWTS during and after the appearance of Richard Simmons

richard simmons ill

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when he stopped by Lacey Schwimmer and Chaz Bono’s rehearsal for their “Gonna Fly Now” dance that is from Rocky. Statements like @beidenmolinaro: OMG. Richard Simmons must be ill. HIs hair is so thin you can see through it. He looks emaciated., @TaraB2009: “@staciann: HOLY SHNIKEEEESSS. Whats up with Richard Simmons hair? I’m a little afraid. Is he ill? and then @TarynT23: Is Richard Simmons Sick? He’s not lookin’ too good.

Fans expressed relief not too long after news from Mr. Simmons rep were released from People magazine. It seems everyone has jumped to conclusions and once again Dancing With The Stars started another rumor that had to be quashed quickly.

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