Teen Mom Finale – Maci and Ryan Fallout Continues

During the season finale of Teen Mom Season 3 star, Maci Bookout reveals that she has had it with her baby’s father, Ryan Edwards. During the episode, Maci appeared to be incredibly frustrated with her ex-boyfriend Ryan who has been rumored to be going out every weekend and avoiding his parental responsibilities.

The show revealed that Ryan’s parents are very involved with Maci and Ryan’s son, Bentley, and apparently, Ryan relies heavily on them to stay at home with the baby while he goes out on weekends to parties and clubs.

Maci and Ryan have definitely had a rocky relationship throughout the episodes. They have usually been able to be civil with one another, but it seems as though Maci has reached her breaking point and no longer wants to deal with Ryan’s childish behavior.

Maci is sick and tired of hearing about Ryan’s escapades and confronted Ryan about this behavior in a recent episode.  She reportedly wants to make sure that when Ryan is watching her son, that he is the one that is home taking care of him and no one else.

After Maci confronted Ryan about going out when he was supposed to be watching his son, the pair got into a heated verbal argument in front of their son, which visibly really bothered Maci.  In the finale episode, Maci attempts to avoid Ryan as much as possible by requesting that Maci and Ryan’s parents handle handing over Bentley when he is being transferred to each parent.

Maci appears to struggle with this decision because she expresses that she understands that she has to put Bentley first which means having a decent relationship with his father.  Ryan appears to flip-out after he hears about the proposed arrangement and expresses his anger about the situation.

Ryan feels that Maci’s decision was based on her current boyfriend, Kyle wanting Maci to stay away from Ryan and have nothing to do with him.

The 19 year-old Teen Mom star has shown that she works very hard to not only parent her son Bentley, but she is also attending school and trying to work towards a college degree while being a single parent.

Maci has been dating her current boyfriend, Kyle King for awhile now and he has had some run-ins with Ryan as well. Kyle apparently has been a huge help to Maci with parenting Bentley and has a great relationship with her son. In a recent episode, Maci and Kyle brought up the subject of having another child and possibly getting married in the future.

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