Sammi and Ronni – The Saga Continues on Jersey Shore

On and off again reality couple Sammy Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro provided enough drama in the recent episode of Jersey Shore, to keep viewers on edge.

Within a 24 hour time span the couple decided that they were in love with each other and hated each other.

The couple was filmed enjoying each other’s company in the beginning of the episode and talking about starting their relationship fresh in Italy.  Ronnie went shopping for Sammi  and the couple seemed to really have turned a corner.

Once the drinking began, the moods began to shift however.  Jealous Sammi revealed herself immediately at the club as Ronnie was dancing in the vicinity of another female.  The drunk pair continued arguing late into the night and instead of turning his rage against Sammi, turned it against another housemate – Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Sitch created some seemingly harmless gossip that Ronnie accused of being a backstabbing assault.  Fed up with the relationship, Mike confronted Ronnie and challenged him to fight.

The episode ended as Ronnie began attacking and left viewers hanging with previews of the following episode where it appears Mike is hauled off in an ambulance.

The following episode will air prior to MTV’s most watched event – the Video Music Awards on Sunday.  Record viewership is to be expected for both the Shore and the VMAs.

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