Is Western Massachusetts Ready For Hurricane Irene?

Residents of Western Massachusetts are bracing for what could be their first hurricane since Bob in 1991.  Governor Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency and is urging residents to take all necessary precautions.

Several storm predictors have the eye of the storm passing through the same counties that were recently devastated by tornado damage.  In an area that rarely has to contend with mother nature has sure had their hands full so far this year.

Tropical storm warnings have been issued in the area that may turn to hurricane warnings later in the day Saturday as the storm moves up the east coast.

Many residents have yet to take the warnings seriously, indicating that the storms often move out to sea prior to reaching land, “I’m not going to join the crowds filling up their shelves with anything and everything when there is still 48 hours before the storm is supposed to land.  Anything can happen in those 48 hours”, stated Thomas Timlin a resident of Granville, MA.

Many others have taken precautionary measures however and emptied store shelves over the past couple days.  Batteries, flashlights and bottled water have suddenly become hard to find items.

If a true hurricane is to strike Western Massachusetts, there is great concern that many will not be prepared to spend days without power.  This simply isn’t something they are used to or had to deal with in the past.  Local town offices are urging residents to stay inside and away from windows during the peak hours of the storm.

Whether or not the communities will be able to withstand another disaster is yet to be seen, but many locals are crossing their fingers very tightly.

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